I have received an ActiveStor 8 this and now have my hands on this  hardware.  I will  update the information I find on the site under the products  page as I get  into this more.

Panasas ActiveStor 8 High Performance Storage

Current Project

This site was created to help individuals who might be new to certain products and step them through or guide them through the steps and best practices of the products I have been working with. I also wanted this to be a repository of information of tasks that I may have accomplished on an infrequent basis and just decided to document it just in case I ever needed to know or do that process again.

I have been working with quite a few products over the years and have come to learn quite a few very well. I have included tips and tricks that may be well know to some but not to others. I also included quite a bit of knowledge of out of the ordinary requests customers have asked me to do for them.

Bits of knowledge from the Field

Panasas Sizing Tool

Just Recently upgraded the tool to show the latest and greatest LTO versions that had recently been ratified.   I will update this tool in the future to include a section for a backup schedule that will go through the actual amount of tape cartridges would be needed.

Tape Library Sizing tool

Recently created a Panasas Storage Sizing tool.  I had needed this to figure out what was the actual storage that was usable and not based on raw.  After many lines of code I finally came up with a Jscript that will do the sizing of the storage.

Community Forum

Circuit Board

I am creating a repository for Jscripts under the scripts navigation bar.  This will not be limited to Jscripts but also include SQL, Linux Shell, and even Powershell.

While things are still being worked on I created a quick hangman game to kill some time.  It is not Angry Birds but  this is just Jscript.

New code

Jscript Fun

The Community Forum will be up and running near the end of May.  

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